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Here’s to saying just enough but not everything to distinguish the serious ones from the rest . . . . ;-)

My friends would describe me as honest, loyal, considerate, respectful, sympathetic, accountable, devoted, charismatic, go-getter, and driven. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’m not perfect. I describe myself as funny, loyal, caring, honest, and loving. I’m career and family oriented. Honesty can be my best and worst trait. I’m a bit of East meets West. East in the sense of family values and traditions and West in the sense of modernization and capitalism. I’m not Asian girl tiny but I’m not Westerner big. If that’s makes sense (trying to not sound stereotypical). SMH. I’m not my daughter’s older sister. I’m her mom. Lol.

I speak English clearly and I don’t have an accent but don’t mind if you do ;-) Communication is key to any relationship whether it be work, family or friends. Without it, there’s no trust and understanding. I’m not a mind reader and I’m pretty sure you’re not either. Without communication, trust, and understanding, what kind of relationship is this??? Even booty calls or homie lover friends need communication and certain levels of understanding and maybe even an ounce of trust. Lol.

Friends first then wherever the wind blows us. Prefer long term relationships and monogamy over polygamy. I’m not looking for a hook up. I’m looking for a real connection and having great chemistry. If our conversation goes well, then let’s exchange contact information and meet in person to see if we have any physical chemistry. We’re all adults here looking for love. Let’s not waste each other’s time.

Honesty, chivalry, loyalty, charisma, integrity, intelligence, optimism, responsible, manliness, accountability, and monogamy is sexy as hell in a man and much appreciated by me. I’m looking for someone who is stable and ready for a relationship, who’s not afraid of love and all that it entails, good or bad. I’m not looking for perfection, simply just someone who I can spend my free time with or go to social events and gatherings with, who’s not crazy, insecure, some kind of psychopath or sociopath. Independence is great but sometimes, I’m tired of riding solo or being the third wheel. Lol.

Love is the only human emotion that you cannot stop. You can stop hate, you can stop lust, you can stop being friends with someone, you can stop liking someone but you cannot stop loving someone. . . I believe the inability to feel love, to have compassion or feel remorse is reserved for sociopaths and psychopaths. Taking a chance on this site and hopefully I don’t meet one of those. Ha ha ha.

I’ve been through many trials and tribulations to be here in this point in my life. I have loved, hurt, laughed, cried, grieved, been deceived, and mourned. All to realize that . . . life is too short to live alone and without love or someone to love.

Let’s just chat about everything to try to get to know one another first. We can see where that leads.

I prefer to stay away from religion and politics.

There’s no second chance to make a first impression. Let’s do each other a favor and say a little more than, “Hey there” or “Hello” ;-).

Here goes the honesty part of me . . . .

We’ll get along if:
- You don’t do drugs
- You are not a drug addict
- You are not selfish
- You are honest
- You are not lazy
- You have a job or source of steady income
- You have all your teeth
- You have your own place
- You have your own automobile
- You are family oriented

NOTE: For all you online romance scammers, shame on you for taking advantage of people’s hearts, grief, and vulnerability.

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